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P2P Cross-chain trading for whales & sharks

Skip centralized exchanges and deal directly with peer-2-peer for any size OTC trading. Enjoy fully decentralised cross-trading with no bridges and wrappers. Buy and store using non-custodial multis-sigs for 10+ protocols.
Bitcoin trading
Ethereum trading
Litecoin trading
Dogecoin trading
Bitcoin Cash trading
Binance Smart Chain trading
Polygon trading
Avalanche trading
ERC20 trading
USDC trading
USDT trading
DAI trading
Floki trading
Axie Infinity trading
Decentraland trading
Better place to trade
Secure cross-chain trading
Finally, trade ETH to BTC to TRON without any bridges, wrappers in a fully decentralised manner.
Better commissions
We do not require heavy gas-hungly smart contracts. Our fees are 60% cheaper than traditional DEX’es.
Escrow and OTC deals
Use our multi-signature wallet that enables secure and decentralised Escrow for your private and public deals.
How trading works
Create an auction
Set your volume, make an appealing offer and submit to
the platform.
Get offers
Start receiving offers from buyers. Once a buyer is found we will notify you via email or telephone.
Finish the trade
The platform will assure your funds are protected throughout the whole trading process.
Things that make us different
Tailored towards crypto-first teams
We support teams that cannot afford complex multi-sigs and asset management systems.
Exotic pair trading
Create pairs that hold liquidity but are not addressed on traditional CEX’s and DEX’s.
Private OTC Deal Rooms (via link)
Create dedicated OTC deal-areas for your counterparties.
MPC: Threshold signature protection
MPC: Threshold Signatures
Latest generation of multi-sigs frameworks.
Supported tokens
+ Many more
Frequently asked questions
WhalesHeaven is a platform for trading various types of cryptocurrencies that are based on blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. As a platform that operates using Threshold signatures, it is suitable for buying and selling in large volumes. These trades are made by sellers listing deals on the platform, and buyers, either fully buying or participating in these deals.
For the most part, you simply need to download the TotalSig browser extension this will enable you to log into WhalesHeaven as well as be able to sign for the release of your transactions from your threshold signature vault.
Once a user decides to sell one kind of cryptocurrency for another kind, they create an offer. Sellers can select multiple currencies that they’ll accept from buyers. They also set up an initial margin/discount, duration, and forensic check limit for their offer.

Once a seller publishes an offer, it becomes publicly available and other users may participate in that offer.

Read more: How do I list an offer?
The main differences are:
  • as WhalesHeaven is a p2p marketplace, it does not implement a bid/ask model, rather it resembles the auction principle, where sellers make their offers as a margin or discount to the current average market price.
  • Another key difference is that deal flow happens through Threshold signature wallets, which are created between each party and the platform. This way the platform can control the deal process, but it has no access to user funds at any time. This mitigates traditional risks associated with custody services, like hacking activity or outright fraud.
You are free to use the wallet of your preference, you can do that by sending the amount specified to the threshold signature (TS) Vault address provided to you on the top-up page.

Additionally, you will need to download the TotalSig wallet.

Downloading the WH Cypher extension will allow you to:
  • Sign and confirm your transactions.
  • Create multi-signature approvals (cosigners).
  • Create multisigs on different blockchains.
  • Sign in to WhalesHeaven and enjoy its advantages.

You can also learn more about WH Cypher here.