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We make sure your funds are safe

While you are trading on our platform your funds always stay safe.

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Nobody, including us, has an access to it. Your funds are fully protected.

All trading happens via multisigs wallets, where both you and platform should consent to release the funds.

This flow protects your deals from hackers and scammers of any kind.

Our deal flow ensures your funds are safe

Download WH Cypher wallet

WH Cypher is a noncustodial multichain multisig wallet. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Bitcoin Cash and more coins and tokens in one single app. It lets you to control your funds jointly with your business partners in one convenient way.

Select an offer to take

Simply scroll though our marketplace and find an offer that best suites your needs. Once you found it, simply click "Proceed" button. WhalesHeaven will ask you where you want to receive funds and will request you to make a deposit to a multisig wallet.

Deposit your funds

WhalesHeaven make sure that both buyer's and seller's funds are ready before we initiate a deal. Now it is time when you and the platform create a joint multisig wallet and upload your funds there. Your funds are always stay under your direct control.

Provide deal approval

Once funds are deposited, each party has to provide their deal approval. At this moment, platform is awaiting to receive both seller's and buyer's approval and once both are in place, both transactions are broadcaster to blockchain and a swap has happened.


The deal is done. You have successfully swapped coins and your releasing transaction was broadcasted to blockchain. You may now proceed to the next one.

Better place to trade

Secure deals

Under the hood we utilize threshold signatures. This technology lets us to create multisigs on every blockchain.

New trading scenarios

Out swap model lets us to offer a new unexplored trading scenarios. Create an auction and sell to as many users at once.

Cheapest trading

Trading costs on WhalesHeaven are the cheapest among all available solutions, including CEXes and DEXes.

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