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We make sure your funds
are safe

While you are trading on our platform your funds always stay safe. Nobody, including us, has an access to it. All trading happens via multisigs wallets, where both you and platform should consent to release the funds. This flow protects your deals from hackers and scammers of any kind.
Our deal flow ensures your funds are safe
Step 1.
A deal process is based on multisig wallets between each party and platform, which lets the platform have full control over the deal process, preventing any unauthorized access to user’s funds.
Step 2.
Once funds are deposited into a multisig wallet, each party has to provide their transaction approval on a corresponding multisig wallet. Once both approvals are in place, the platform signs both transactions and the funds will be released.
Better place to trade
Custody free
Don’t trust 3rd party custody ever again. Our platform does not have access to your funds while you are trading cryptocurrencies.
Lowest commissions

Free until February
Platform charges the lowest commission to help you make a deal. Be smart and make more money!
No withdrawal fees
Some platforms may charge you more than 10 USD to withdraw. There are no withdrawal fees or limits on the platform.
Volatility is not a problem
Sell large amounts without interfering with price and keep your interest regardless of market direction.
Automate your trading
Enable WH Cypher to automate trading and it will automatically very each swap.
Secure deals
The platform utilises multisig wallets to provide the best decentralized protection for your funds that is available today.